All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Protecting Pollinators in Ireland

Irish Pollinator PlanDelighted to hear about the positive steps being taken with regard to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan which include the creation of wildlife friendly highways for our pollinating insects. Every person can help in their own way by planting pollinator friendly plants and letting a small patch of their garden grow wild. Supporting your local honey producers is another way to help and why not get involved in the Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme

Why not start planning your pollinator friendly garden today with a visit to Beechdale Garden Centre, Clonroche where our friendly staff can help you choose the most suitable plants for your particular garden or outdoor space ( even a windowsill can attract pollinators)

To find plants that support pollinating insects in gardens such as bees, butterflies, moths, hoverflies and many others simply enter: ‘Perfect For Pollinators’ into our search bar on www.beechdale.ie to get a full list of bee and pollinator  friendly plants :)

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Antirrhinum Royal Bride Aquilegia Sweet Rainbows Aquilegia v. Black Barlow Aster Autumn Annual

Check out the All Ireland Pollinator Plan Here:

Creating an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive
This is a shared plan of action. By working together we can collectively take steps to reverse pollinator losses and help restore populations to healthy levels. Over the next five years, this Plan will build a solid foundation to bring about a landscape where pollinators can flourish.

The loss of natural and semi-natural habitats has been a key driver in pollinator declines. At its core, this Plan is about providing food and shelter across all types of land so that our pollinators can survive and thrive. It creates a framework to bring together pollinator initiatives across the island, so that with coordination and cooperation we can achieve our goal.
If we don’t protect our pollinators it will affect the food industry. Without the pollination service freely provided by our bees and hoverflies, it would be increasingly difficult and expensive for farmers to produce some crops at current scales, and could result in a loss of consumer choice for Irish grown products. The beauty of the Irish landscape would also be affected without pollinators to maintain the diversity of our wild plants and support healthy ecosystems.

Objectives Include:

  1. Making Ireland pollinator friendly
  2. Raising awareness of pollinators and how to protect them
  3. Managed pollinators – supporting beekeepers and growers
  4. Expanding our knowledge on pollinators and pollination service
  5. Collecting evidence to track change and measure success
    Read the full document here:

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