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Bee Friendly

Let’s Bee Friendly!

BumblesLet’s face it , we need bees and they need our help!

Bumblebees are Ireland’s most important wild pollinator. We know many of our rare bumblebee species have declined but we don’t know how our more widespread species are coping.Biodiversity Ireland is working hard to encourage  us all, young and old, to get out there and help gather information which they can then use to create a national pollination plan due for publication this summer. They are asking us to dedicate one trip a month along the same trail recording any sightings and reporting same – Why not make this a regular family day out and add in a picnic lunch!

Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme

This scheme is a long-term project that began in 2011.  With your participation, we hope to track changes and detect the early warning signs of a general threat to bumblebees and to Irish pollination services.  The Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme is an All-Ireland scheme. To reach our target of 100 fixed route walks, more volunteers are urgently needed. More Info >>

We have signed up to participate and will share our Buzzing Journey here – if your interested in signing up here’s all you need to know >>

Wildlife Friendly Gardening

To find plants that support pollinating insects in gardens such as bees, butterflies, moths, hoverflies and many others simply enter: ‘Perfect For Pollinators’ into our search bar on to get a full list of bee and pollinator  friendly plants 🙂

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Identify Irish Bumblebees Irish Wildlife App Man -There’s an App for That!

Like all good things there is an App to help identifying the various bees of Ireland and it is free to download from the Google Play Store here

The bumblebees are split up into different groups so select the group you think the bumblebee is in and then select the bee you think you may have seen. Examine the picture closely by pressing it and zooming in on the details. Read the information about all the the bumblebees and decide if you have seen it.

If you want to report the sighting then press “Record Details” and the app will record your location. You can choose to save the details and send a few records later or send the details immediately. When in the lists if you select menu->remove you can delete any saved details.