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Garden Design

Garden Design

Our Gardening Services Include:

Garden Consultation Services

We can identify and supply the most suitable plants and products needed to make the most of your garden whether you are a gardening novice, enthusiast or even a professional landscape gardener! No matter the size, aspect or theme of your garden, be it big or small, rooftop or water based, we have it all. Our experienced qualified and knowledgeable staff can offer suggestions on how to make the most of your available space.


  • Take note of where the sun shines during the day, as some plants like to be in the shade in the morning, others need sun all day if they can get it.
  • Does water lie in some areas for a few days after heavy rain.
  • Do you need open space for children to play ball on
  • Are you looking to hide an eyesore
  • Is there a particularly nice view you would like to frame with trees

It is adviseable to bring photos or a site plan with you when you are coming.

Create an outdoor living area with Beechdale Plantsplus Garden Centre.

Container Planting Service

Beechdale Plantsplus Garden Centre offer container planting services.  Got a favourite container you’d like to see planted up with seasonal blooms but not sure which to pick or lacking time to get it done? Bring it in and we’ll do it for you.

We can keep them here for a few weeks until the plants get established in the pot, or you can collect them the next day. On the quieter mornings we can plant the pot up there and then for you.

Contact Us Today to make an appointment to meet one of our qualified staff who will guide you through the options suitable to your needs and requirements.