tomatoes galore

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

The pleasure of Tomatoes

There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of tasting fresh homegrown tomatoes in your summer salads!

With so many varieties to choose from you’re sure to find a tomatoe that will suit your needs. Enjoy popping a tasty ‘Garden Delight’ cherry tomatoe in your mouth or enjoy tasty slices of a ‘Marmade’ steak tomatoe on your favourite sandwich!

Early March is time to sow these sun loving plants. Aim to have them mature and giving baby fruits by high summer so that they can ripen in the sun.

Here at Beechdale Garden Centre we have a great variety of garden ready Tomatoes in stock including:

Tomatoe tomato

  • Garden Delight (Cherry Tomatoe)
  • Garden Sunrise (Medium Sized Tomatoe)
  • Moneymaker (Traditional Large Tomatoe)
  • Marmande (Beef Steak Tomatoe)
  • Super Marmande ( Beef Steak Tomato)
  • Roma (Plum Tomatoe)
  • Rosada (Plum Tomatoe)
  • Shirley (Large Tomatoe)
  • Sunbaby¬† (Cherry Yellow Tomatoe)
  • Totem (Cherry Tomatoe Bush)
  • Tumbler (Cherry Trailing Tomato)
  • Red Profusion (Small Cherry Tomatoe Tumbler)
  • Alicante (Large Tomatoe)
  • Sweet Aperatif (Cherry Tomatoe)
  • Ailsa Craig (Large Tomatoe)