How To Build A Pond

How To Build A Pond

How To Build A Pond

How To Build A PondPonds offer a lifeline to many animals, insects and birds especially as we have seen such a decline in natural water habitats. Reasons include increased urbanisation and farmers’ preferring to use piped water as well as the reclamation of wetlands for other uses. Building a pond of your own can greatly help attract wildlife to your garden and it really is not that difficult.

There are a few points to consider when planning a pond:

  • Ideally place your pond in an area that gets partial shade as well as plenty of sun
  • Avoid placing your pond under trees as the leaves will fall into it during Autumn giving you extra work (who needs that?)
  • Ground should be fairly level with a gradual slope on one side so that any unfortunate creatures (such as hedgehogs) who might fall in can climb out again
  • A minimum depth of 60cm is advised as this allows oxygenating plants to grow and also gives animals a place to overwinter / stay cool in hot summers

How To Build A PondOnce you have decided on your pond site the next step is to plan the shape Рkidney and oval shapes work best.  Then comes the hardest part Рdigging!
Keep any sods of grass handy as these can be tucked back along the sides to help the edges grow back quicker creating an illusion that the pond is natural.

There is a simple equation to determine the size of the hole you’ll need to dig: (Bear in mind to add a few extra inches to the bottom for padding!)

  • Length of liner = Maximum pond length + twice maximum depth
  • Width of liner = Maximum pond width + twice maximum depth

When you have dug out your pond area you will need to first add a few layers of padding – sand is a popular choice and you can add in carpets and newspapers in layers – the thicker the better – the aim is to avoid snagging the pond liner. Add your pond liner ensuring that there is plenty of overlap at the top edges as the weight of the water will drag it down.

How To Build A PondCover the liner with 5-10cm of sub soil preferably stone free. Then add your water slowly. Once full trim the liner edges or tuck it under the grass sods you saved earlier. Adding a few larger rocks or small logs to the pond can create a place for creatures to live and shelter.

Let the water be for two weeks before planting any plants  in order to ensure there are no chemicals from the tap water left. It is nice to add a margin around the pond of wildflowers of various heights so that frogs and others can sneak in anad out safe from predators.

Call into us here at Beechdale Garden Centre to get advice on the choices of oxygenating plants available and which will best suit the level of your pond. We also stock a wide range of OASE water filters as well as pond products including natural barley straw bags to keep blanket weed & algae under control, nets for clearing out debris, pond lighting and much more.

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