How To Plant Trees and Shrubs

Planting Trees and Shrubs

The most important element in having a plant grow well is to have a healthy plant to start with. This is where good Plant Centres like Beechdale Plantsplus Garden Centre can help.

The next is to select a plant which will be happy in your type of soil in the location you are planting it in, whether it is an open sunny position or sheltered shaded one.

The preparation of the soil is as important as you having a good healthy Breakfast.

Good Soil preparation and following the correct planting procedure helps to establish new plants quickly and will encourage strong root and stem growth for many years and ultimately determine how well your garden plants will flourish.

Bare rooted plants (with their roots loose lifted straight from the field ie not in a pot) can be planted successfully from Halloween up until Saint Patricks Day or possibly to the end of March whilst the plants are still dormant and before new leaf growth starts.

Potted trees, shrubs and hedging plants can be planted all year round.

The same soil preparation is carried out when planting either bare rooted or potted.

When planting any new garden plant make sure that the root base is moist, this may require that you place the root ball in a bucket of water before planting and allow sufficient time for the roots to fully absorb enough moisture (approx 15 minutes) so this can be going on while you do the digging.

Westland Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure

Westland Gro-Sure Farmyard ManureDig the new planting hole six inches wider and deeper than the current root depth and spread, Add Compost or Farm Yard Manure to the hole and sprinkle a handful of Westland Fish, Blood and bone meal which helps the plants to initiate new roots. Make sure that the roots are covered to the same depth and avoid planting too deeply as this causes poor root formation and results in poor growth. The level of the top of a potted rootball should be level with the surface of the ground when planted. (Remember to take the pot off the plant and tease out the roots so they will grow out into the soil quickly). The upper most roots of the bare rooted plant should be 5cm (2″) below the soil surface so that there is about 5cm of stem buried.

For larger trees, shrubs and mature plants a timber stake may be required to help secure the stem and roots of the plant until such time as the new plant establishes itself, this can often take a couple of years, so select a proper tree stake and rubber ties to secure it firmly.

Back fill the soil and firm the plants in by treading the soil firmly around the base of the plant.In spring and early summer your newly planted trees, shrubs and hedging plants will benefit from an application of a good quality plant fertiliser.