its Time To Plant Spring Bulbs

Jobs in the Garden August to September

Gardening jobs for August & September

August in the garden:

August is when many of us take time out to relax in our gardens and the workload is certainly lighter at this time of year. Possibly the most rewarding time of year if you have been busy earlier in the Spring planting vegetables and edibles as you get to harvest the fruits of your labour!

Here are a few jobs to keep you busy in the garden:


  • As the weather is usually warm at this time of year it is important to water your plants reguarly so if you’re heading away for a short break make sure to have a friend or neighbour in to look after your watering for you, especially important for containers and new plants.
  • It’s time to collect seeds from your favourite plants – a great way to save as well as sharing seeds amongst fellow gardeners. Why not join a local GIY group to share seeds and harvest?
  • Deadhead deadhead deadhead.. keep those flowers looking great by deadheading those that are past their best
  • Give Wisteria it’s first pruning
  • Pot up Strawberry runners for next year
  • Top up pond or water features and keep an eye on water levels
  • Harvest vegetables as they become ready
  • Feed soil with green manures, available instore here at Beechdale and continue feeding containers and baskets.


  • Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, tulips, create your own woodland vibe!
  • Make sure to dig up any remaining potatoes in order to avoid slugs spoiling them.
  • Cover ponds with netting to catch leaf fall- saving you hours later!
  • It’s a good time to clean out greenhouses in preparation for autumn use.

Most of all make sure you enjoy your garden before winter sets in – invite some old friends for an outdoor lunch and showoff your hard work!