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Kids Corner

Let’s get mucky!

Getting children interested in gardening and nature is a rewarding and satisfying experience both for you and for them. Introducing them to the workings of an ecosystem in a fun and imaginative way can spark a lifelong interest and respect for nature. Here at beechdale we offer a range of seeds that are specifically created with children in mind.

Seeds such as Cress, Sunflowers, our Fun Seeds Range offer easy to grow seeds that will attract wildlife such as bees and butterflies or try growing gourds and painting them into exciting fun garden snakes to create a stir!

Kids corner cress snake gourds sunflowers
I am so quick and easy to grow. You can grow me all year round on a windowsill and eat me within 10-12 days. I am very nutritious and tasty in salads and sandwiches. I’m a strange ‘gourd’ that makes an exciting plant to grow as I have fruits that look like slippery snakes! When my fruits are dried you can paint me with spots, stars, stripes or whatever you like! I could be the tallest flower in your garden. Can you grow the tallest, sunniest sunflower? When I have finished flowering leave the flowerheads out to feed the birds over the winter.