magnolia Trees and Shrubs in Wexford

Magnolia Trees at Beechdale

Magnolia Trees at Beechdale Garden Centre Wexford:

Magnolia trees are a popular ornamental tree loved by many due to the showy perfumed flowers they produce in white, red, pink, purple or yellow. With over 200 species of Magnolia to choose from you’re spoilt for choice!

Magnolias can be grown in almost any climate if you can provide protection from harsh conditions such as exposed windy locations. They like an area of the garden that gets full sun to light shade. and grow best in moist, well-drained, slightly acid soils althought they care also suitable to neutral – slightly alkaline soils, however avoid wet or poorly drained soils.

If you’re looking for a superb Magnolia then visit us here at Beechdale Garden Centre or browse our online shop where we have a wide selection of suitable Magnolia trees and shrubs available and free advice on how to choose the best one for your garden.

Magnolia Trees in stock include:

  • Magnolia Cambelli Charles Raffill
  • Magnolia Cambelli
  • Magnolia Cearhays Belle
  • Magnolia Charles Coates
  • Magnolia Galaxy
  • MagnoliaGrandiflora
  • Magnolia Kobus Dr Merrill
  • Magnolia Lilliflora Nigra
  • Magnolia Macrophylla
  • Magnolia Raspberry Fun
  • Magnolia Sieboldii
  • Magnolia Star Wars
  • Magnolia Stellata
  • Magnolia Stellata Royal Star
  • Magnolia Susan
  • Magnolia Vulcan
  • Magnolia Wadas Memory
  • Magnolia Wilsonii
  • Magnolia X Soul Lennei Alba
  • Magnolia X Soul Angeana
  • Magnolia Thompson Olmenhof
  • Michelia Fairy Magnolia White

Deciduous magnolias usually flower in spring before leaf emergence. Magnolia grandiflora (bull bay), the most commonly grown evergreen, flowers in flushes from summer until early autumn. For more information on how to cvare fro magnolias visit