National Nesting Box Week

National Nest Box Week

Did You know that it’s National Nest Box Week starting this weekend (February 14-21).

Peckish Bird food have put together a cool bird Identification guide so that you can get a taste for bird spotting! Here’s hoping our Nature Ninjas remember all they learnt at Januarys’ Bird Identification workshop!

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Create a new home for the birds in your garden by taking part in National Nest Box Week which starts next weekend (February 14-21).

This event encourages householders to put up nest boxes in time for breeding birds which will be looking for a safe place to lay their eggs. This is because natural nest sites for birds, such as holes in trees or old buildings are disappearing fast.

It’s a great way to encourage more wildlife in your garden and help boost the numbers of garden birds in the UK and Ireland.

So, register for FREE on the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology)  website, put up a nest box and get ready to spot the wildlife streaming to your garden with our bird spotter identification guide.